Shannon Zhao

3D Character Artist

Amaranthe (World of Warcraft Fanart)

Here's a personal project I've been working on in my spare time. With the new expansion of World of Warcraft coming out (Battle for Azeroth) I was really inspired to make fan art of a Nightborne elf! This elf is an original character I came up with, while still keeping in line with the racial characteristics of the Nightborne elves Blizzard has in place. I think the Nightborne race is super cool, and it's super
cool that Blizzard made them a playable race this expansion. :) (I'll actually be playing a Void Elf this expansion but that's besides the point haha)

This is my own take on a simple version of the Nightborne racial armor. This is the low poly model with only diffuse, specular and emissive maps.
Rendered in Marmoset! The background is a screenshot from Suramar in World of Warcraft.

The bust is 13.1K Triangles!