Shannon Zhao

3D Character Artist

Angel Vayuu V-Tuber Avatar

I had the pleasure of creating this V-tuber Avatar for the French Twitch streamer and Youtuber Angel Vayuu. I was in charge of the main design of the character, as well as every part in the creation of the 3D aspects of the character, including the rigging, skinning, and the blendshapes.

I completely designed her body underneath the clothes as well:

A collection of clips from Angel Vayuu's Twitch stream with the character in action:

Here is a video demo of the character and rig with an animation:

An example of some of the blendshapes I created for the Avatar in Maya:

During the design process, I went back and forth with my client to discuss the needs of the project and what she wanted in the character's design.

Here are some examples of some iterations of the design process: